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ATIV Portal

Welcome to ATIV Portal, your gateway to the immersive world of ATIV services and activities! Whether you're a seasoned user or just starting your journey with us, this platform offers an all-in-one experience like no other. With a simple login using your unique wallet address, you can seamlessly connect all your existing service accounts to the ATIV Portal, creating a unified hub to access every service we offer.

Stay in the loop with real-time updates on announcements, missions, and token status through our visually appealing and intuitive dashboard.

Join our growing community and collaborate with like-minded individuals to shape the future of ATIV. The adventure awaits - start your ATIV journey today and discover the boundless possibilities that lie ahead!

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ATIV Music Desktop

Introducing the ATIV Music Desktop - your ultimate ally in discovering hidden musical gems through ATIV. By simply downloading, installing and playing music, you can not only immerse yourself in a world of new artists, but also support them and reap the rewards.

With the ATIV Music Desktop, you enter a universe of sonic curation by ATIV. Shine a light on artists who deserve it by effortlessly becoming part of the ecosystem.

Experience the power on both Windows and MacOS. Take the leap now and grab the ATIV Music Desktop from this link. Unleash the music that truly deserves your ears.

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$ATIV: Empower Artists, Reward Supporters

Redefine content support with the $ATIV movement.

- Artists share the value of their work when selected by token holders.

- Supporters earn tokens through engagement and promotion, fostering a sustainable artist ecosystem. Use $ATIV for exclusive content, VIP access and voting.

- Fiat revenue from content becomes stablecoin for fair distribution to $ATIV holders on the blockchain network, ensuring equity and sustainability.

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ATIV Music App

(To be updated)

Welcome to ATIV Music Player, the app that grants you access to the complete ATIV catalog while immersing you in a world of music across various genres. Explore, stream, and enjoy your favorite tunes while staying connected to the ATIV Portal.

Engage in exciting events within the ATIV ecosystem, combining the joy of music with the thrill of participation. Discover new releases, timeless classNameics, and hidden gems, making your ATIV experience even more enriching and unforgettable.

Join now and let the harmony of music and events elevate your journey within the ATIV world.

If you are a musician,

join us and make some noise!

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ATIV is the Web3 IP Acceleration company, aiming ATIV establishes a positive feedback loop within the IP industry, with the aim of redefining the value of IP by elevating it through the power of people rather than capital. Our vision as a web3 company is to cultivate an environment where the benefits derived from creations are equitably distributed among all stakeholders within the comprehensive IP ecosystem.